Meet Your Hosts

Meet Your Hosts

Believe it or not Siobhan and Alex, both from Ireland, had to travel to New York to find each other. Now, 20-plus years later, they continue to be the proud owners of the Claddagh Motel and Suites.

Alex, born and reared in the small village of Castleblakeney, County Galway, has a natural gift for talking and entertaining. He never kissed the Blarney Stone but he definitely doesn't need to. His parents owned the local general store, along with a small thatched cottage which hosted a bar/lounge, where Alex spent the first 24 years of his life. The gift of storytelling and Blarney is so in-bred in him that he's got a story for everyone that comes through our doors. Alex sold food and served drink along with his parents and enjoyed many a sing-song until he came to the U.S. in 1985. He first tried Boston and then went to New York to visit an uncle of his. There he met Siobhan, and they married in 1989. Alex stayed in New York and worked in an Irish neighborhood bar where he continued serving drink, telling stories, and occasionally lending a sympathetic ear to whoever needed one for quite a few years. It wasn't until March 1997 that he moved to Maine with his wife and family.

Siobhan, a registered nurse from Clontarf, Dublin, came to New York in spring of 1987. As she herself says, she was then jack-of-all-trades and master of none. While living in New York she tried her hand at everything from bartending to waitressing to nursing—and loved each and every one of them. But it wasn't until she moved to Maine in 1997 that she found her true passion: decorating.

After Alex and Siobhan got married, they soon had two boys and were anxious to leave the city area to raise them. They vacationed in Maine, fell in love with it—and in fact returned to this beautiful area for three consecutive years before relocating. Siobhan says it was like a magnet—something kept drawing them back. Perhaps because Maine resembles Ireland, especially this part of the state with its rugged coastline and its many coves and bays. Once Siobhan and Alex bought the motel, they've never looked back.

Thirteen years later they continue to improve the motel and its surrounds. It's an ongoing process, one driven by a desire to ensure complete satisfaction for their guests. For instance, although the motel is only a stone's throw from the ocean, that wasn't good enough—they wanted their guests to have beach and ocean access. So they bought a waterfront property on Clam cove, and now their guests can walk to the cove and comb the beach for sea glass.

In addition, Siobhan has been able to enjoy her true passion by frequently redecorating the rooms—you might say she finds it hard to stop! Every year she thinks of new decorating ideas and out come the paintbrushes. This year, they painted the beams in the rooms—a project they'd thought about for a good while but finally undertook—and are pleased with the result.

In fact, Alex and Siobhan were flattered and honored to have won the 2008 Tripadvisor Award for Best Bargains, proof that hard work pays off—and that they've found their niche in operating a motel. Alex is responsible for the office and doing the breakfast every morning while Siobhan is involved in the everyday cleaning of rooms—as well as the decorating, of course.

"We want to thank each and every guest we've had over the years," says Siobhan, "and all those who look at our web site. We continue to extend a warm Fáilte to all of you who wish to come and spend time in our small cozy country style motel with a little Irish twist."