Office Hours

Monday – Saturday


9 AM – 10 PM

2 PM – 10 PM

Housekeeping Service

We strive to provide you with fresh, clean, comfortable accommodations. (1) We offer daily housekeeping services as requested – fresh towels, trash removal, and sweeping / mopping / vacuuming of the floors. 

(2) For our extended stay guests, we have a mandatory weekly cleaning, in which our housekeeping staff will need to be given access to your room so that they may maintain the standards of our company. This includes fresh linen changes; and a full cleaning of the bathroom, kitchenette, and floors. (3) Our housekeepers are not expected to clean up after you, so please ensure that your room is ready for them to enter and do their work as efficiently as possible. This cleaning schedule will be discussed with you upon check-in, to find a day that is suitable for you. (4) Dishes are not washed during any housekeeping service.

Reservation Deposit & Cancellations

(1) In order to hold your reservation, we require a deposit equal to the first night’s stay. (2) This deposit is fully refundable upon cancellation if canceled 8 or more days prior to your stay. (3) If canceled within 7 days, we retain your deposit. If you have any further questions about our cancellation policy, or wish to cancel, please call the motel directly.

Check-in / Check-out

►Check-in time for arriving guests begins at 3 PM.

► Check-out time for departing guests ends at 10 AM.

— The minimum age to register is 21 years old.
— A valid credit / debit card is required for all guests (this can be substituted with a $200 cash deposit)

Pet Policy

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our property, and the constant turnover of our rooms, we are unable to accommodate any pets, as the cleaning process takes too long. While we love pets, we hope you can understand that we can’t ask other guests to love your pets, or their scent!

Advance Payment

It is our policy and practice that we require payment in advance for guest rooms. (1) At check-in, guests paying the nightly rate will be charged for their entire stay. (2) Guests paying on a weekly basis will be charged the first week of their stay upon check-in and will renew in advance each week going forward.

Pool Use

Hours of Operations  |  Memorial day Weekend – Labor Day Weekend | 10 AM – Sunset

(1) Pool use is only available to Motel Guests. (2) Children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent / guardian. (3) Additional rules can be found in multiple locations around the pool.